Corporate Partnerships

Become part of our vision

When you choose to partner with us in our work, you can become part of our vision to reach those broken, rejected and hurting people in our society, to bring hope and transformation.

Through a charity partnership with Church Army your company and your employees can become part of our vision to reach those broken, rejected and hurting people in our society, to bring transformation and hope.

These partnerships are vital to enable us to take our vision into the future. We are so thankful for the large number of companies, banks and retail stores that already support our social action projects across the UK – could you join them?

Partnering with us can lead to lasting benefits for your company whilst helping us to raise much needed funds and you will be joining John Lewis, BNP Paribas, Asda, Dynamic Futures and the St James’s Place Foundation amongst others in supporting our valuable projects. If are interested in exploring a partnership with us we would love to hear from you! Contact Paul Critchlow on 0114 252 1661 or

How you can Partner?

  1. Nominate us as your “Charity of the Year”
  2. Fundraise
  3. Volunteer
  4. Can you donate your products or expertise? Clothes, computer equipment, sports equipment, food, toiletries, pro bono services. By donating a gift in kind you can showcase your products and services.
  5. Corporate Donations
  6. Payroll Giving 
  7. Employer matched giving

Why Partner with us?

Partnering with us can lead to lasting benefits for your company whilst helping us to raise vital funds.

  1. Help us to help you to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.
  2. A fun and motivational way to engage staff and encourage team building.
  3. Secure positive PR & raise the company profile, helping you to engage with a larger audience and drive customer and employee loyalty, by demonstrating to employees, customers and potential customers your company’s commitment to issues that affect lives every day.
  4. Build brand awareness and profile – an association with us can lead to reputational advantages and increased sales, allowing you to stand out in a competitive market.
  5. Placing your company at the heart of the community.
  6. Church Army works throughout the British Isles and Ireland and that national coverage, through a partnership with us, would allow your company to benefit from national and community level engagement.

We work closely with our corporate partners to provide an exciting and creative partnership which is uniquely tailored to provide mutual benefits for both organisations. We can identify specific ongoing projects for you to support which could benefit your company and offer sponsorship opportunities to meet your objectives.

Your Workplace

Many businesses and employers support charities, and their local communities, through financial giving, fundraising and volunteering, but more and more this is becoming employee led. So the decisions about who and what to support are not made at the top but by those who work within the organisations.

Different organisations have different ways of engaging with charitable giving:

  1. Charity of the Year/Month – through various fundraising activities.
  2. Gifts in Kind – rather than financial gifts, gifts of goods and services.
  3. Payroll giving – employees are able to donate to charities of their choice, through the Give As You Earn Scheme, with such gifts being tax deductible and attracting subsidies from HMRC.
  4. Payroll pennies – your weekly or monthly pay is rounded down to the nearest £1 and the pennies are donated to charity.
  5. Volunteering – employees assisting charities by contributing their skills and expertise.
  6. Matched funding – so where an employee raises money for charity, usually through a sponsored event, some employers will match either a set amount or the total amount raised.

Could you work with your employer to help us? Could you put us forward, or one of our specific projects, to be your nominated charity? Could you do a sponsored event for us and seek matched funding from your employer? Do you or your workplace have skills or expertise that you could donate to one of our projects? Does your business, or the business you work for, produce goods or services which they could give?

If you think you may be able to help us in any of these ways or others we would love to hear from you! Contact our Fundraising Manager on 0114 252 1661 or email