Xplore-ing evangelism

Cian’s Story

“Since starting Xplore I am more confident as an evangelist. I really appreciated how the teachings weren’t saying, “this is evangelism and here’s a formula for how to do it”. Rather, I was encouraged to look at how God has designed me for evangelism and ask Him how He wanted to use me. We did this alongside looking at our own context and seeing how we could bring Jesus into that. We weren’t just learning about evangelism for the sake of it, we were learning it with the expectation of “ok, you’re going to go and live this now!” The most special thing for me about Xplore was the weekly meetup with my group. It was a place of trust, honesty and encouragement. Having the prayerful support of my Xplore group behind me as I was trying to live out that teaching and do evangelism was really important to me.”


“I originally applied to Xplore in order to get a better understanding of my own faith and share that with the young people that I lead as a children and young people’s worker. I have loved learning about evangelism with such an awesome group of people. I couldn’t explain how much my group meant to me and how excited I was each week to meet with them to learn together. I was able to share my feelings and struggles with my Xplore group which was a really big deal for me. I felt comfortable and safe with them and this made a huge difference in my life. The main evangelism lesson that I took away from Xplore was that every person is on their own journey. It’s important to meet them where they are and not where you want them to be. I’m still learning and still growing but I have made a massive jump forward thanks to Xplore!”

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