Time to xplore

Xplore is for 18-30s who want to live missionally doing evangelism. Xplore is part of Church Army and are peer-led communities where everyone gets to do evangelism in their own context.

Each Xplorer gets access to a weekly teaching podcast. They listen to this in their own time and then meet up with their group, either online or locally to discuss the teaching, pray together, practice accountability and encourage one another.

Xplore equips ‘give it a go’ type people as well as those who get frightened by evangelism and is perfect for those who want to do something right now but are short on time and short on money. Each year our Xplorers come away with stories of transformation both of themselves and the world around them. Here are two from this year…

Sinead’s Story

“I thought of evangelism as an awkward, unnatural attempt at converting someone to Christianity. The turning point for me was when we were encouraged to set a goal or a challenge for ourselves to act on what we had learned in
the first few months. I decided to commit to praying daily for opportunities to evangelise and show God’s love. I thought that it was pretty noncommittal, it meant that I didn’t actually have to convert anyone or do anything. However, God really started presenting these incredible opportunities that I just couldn’t ignore. I had a long conversation with a woman I met at a coffee shop one morning and we ended up praying together. I learned that evangelism isn’t the single act of converting someone, fulfilling a command or ticking a box on the list of things that ‘good Christians’ should do. It is about experiencing God’s love for all people and acting on the desire that they would have the great pleasure of knowing a Father who deeply cares about them.”

Chris’ Story

“Xplore taught me how to discern where your frontline is and who the people God wants you to share your faith with are. I’ve learned how to have conversations naturally about faith, when to dig deeper and when to step back and let God do the work. Before Xplore, my view of evangelism was that it was one conversation where you had to get all your points across and if they didn’t buy it then that was it! Thinking that it all hinged on one conversation was very stressful. What I’ve learned throughout Xplore is that evangelism is an everyday life thing and most of the work is God’s. We just have to be willing to say yes! Xplore has taught me that it’s ok if things don’t move in my time and that evangelism isn’t a one conversation thing, it’s a journey. If you’re thinking of doing Xplore, just
do it! You won’t regret it.”

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