Stories From Women At The Marylebone Project

Our Marylebone Project in London is UK’s largest women’s hostel providing shelter, training & spiritual space in a secure environment for women affected by domestic violence and homelessness. Whatever their story, we aim for the same ending; self-esteem, employment and independent living. Here are just three short stories of how the Marylebone Project has made a difference to these women’s lives.

Tsega is originally from Eritrea. Only a short time ago, she was homeless and her future looked bleak. After taking part in the project’s English course and Women into Work programme, Tsega is back on her feet and now has a full-time job. “My life has changed thanks to the help of the Marylebone Project. The sewing classes have got me dreaming of becoming a fashion designer one day,” she says.

Tehani: “Every time I walk past a homeless person, I feel the tears coming to my eyes. I remember how horrible it was to live on the streets and I pray for them. When I first arrived at the project, I couldn’t speak English, use a computer and I didn’t have any idea how to prepare for a job interview. My life is so different now. I have a full-time job in customer services, which I really enjoy. I also have my own place, which makes me so happy. I don’t have family members here in the United Kingdom, but the Marylebone Project is my family. I thank God daily for having brought me to the project.”

Yordanos: “I attend Women into Work sessions once a week and this has really helped me to feel more confident. I have experience in working in hospitality in my country and, thanks to the training I did at the Marylebone Project, I now have a job at a coffee shop here in London. The project is helping me make many positive changes in my life.”

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