Sandra*’s story

In Liverpool, Cherith Withington runs a midweek online Bible Study as well as a Living Room Church on Sundays. Sandra* attended an Alpha course before lockdown and continued to attend the online Bible Study throughout the summer. As part of this Cherith encourages people to ask questions about following Jesus but one evening she flipped the question and asked Sandra what was stopping her from becoming a Christian.

What followed led to Sandra, over Zoom, accepting Jesus as her Saviour and making her own personal declaration of faith. “It was the most amazing moment I will value forever”, says Cherith.

It’s incredible to hear stories like Sandra’s and know God is working in people’s lives even when we are unable to meet with them in person due to the pandemic. God is good and our evangelists will continue to share the Good News of Jesus and provide Bibles for those who often have no faith background at all.

*name changed

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