Holy Week Highlights

Sheffield City Centre of Mission

Lead Evangelist Stephen Ramshaw:

“For me personally the highlight of this period has been Holy Week, the ecumenical acts of public worship on Palm Sunday and Good Friday. Also being a presence around the Cross outside Sheffield Town Hall from 11am-3pm Palm Sunday-Easter Saturday. This was an amazing opportunity to engage with people in the City Centre, to pray with people, talk with people and offering people lollipop sticks to write down their prayers on, then put them into the sand box surrounding the Cross.

“On Easter Saturday when the prayer sticks were collected in there was 1122 prayers.”

On Easter Saturday when the prayer sticks where collected in there was 1122 prayers. These were then taking to a local church, St. Aidan’s,  where they were prayed over at their Easter Day service. The prayer sticks will now be distributed around the Churches and prayed for between now and Pentecost.

We also gave out during the week over 500 Palm Crosses which we had donated from the City Centre Churches it was good to see the people especially the children walking off into the city waving their Palm Crosses. I thought a much better use for left over Palm Crosses than sitting in a cupboard somewhere collecting dust until next year. In total we had 19 volunteers from various Churches join us through the week to man the Prayer Station.”