Gill (59) has lived on the Caia Park estate in Wrexham, for the past 32 years. After a few tough years, and walking away from her faith, she has come back to church and to God

She’s known throughout the community, and despite her numerous ailments and personal challenges, she volunteers tirelessly alongside Chris and Josh, our Evangelists for the Wrexham  Centre of Mission. Caia Park estate is infamous for rioting and racial tensions and is one of the most deprived areas in Wales. Unemployment, family breakdown and debt problems impact the community daily. And there’s little Christian witness on the estate.

“The welcome back (from Chris) meant a lot to me. When you’ve been away from church you’re scared to go back. I know the boss – God – doesn’t judge me but other people…” says Gill.

Chris says “She’s so fired up for the Lord now. It’s been gradual, but God has been breaking down those barriers. It’s not easy but she keeps going and more than ever she has this new life in Christ. If we have played a small part in that, I say praise the Lord”.


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