Coronavirus: Susan’s* story

Jane Emson, moved to become Lead Evangelist for the Middlesbrough Centre of Mission last autumn, and wasted no time in building relationships. Jane lives on Brambles Farm estate, ministering here and on the adjacent Thorntree estate. Both these neighbourhoods are in the top 1% of the most deprived areas in the country, so the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for the people living here.

The relationships Jane built before the lockdown have proved essential amid the pandemic and she’s been able to deliver 12 food parcels so far, provide pastoral support to vulnerable families, and get basic household items to the right people.

Jane is a trusted local presence, so one mum, Susan*, shared how she was in trouble with social services because she didn’t have curtains, sheets and towels. Unable to provide these herself, Susan was left in a difficult situation. However, through Jane’s connections with a local church, the very next day a lady from the congregation dropped all the items at Jane’s house to pass on to Susan.

Coronavirus brings many challenges, and it’s those like Susan who are being hit the hardest, especially when many normal agencies have had to close or reduce their provision during this time. But Church Army Evangelists like Jane, plus their incredible volunteer teams, are continuing to support many like Susan.

*Not real name

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