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Faith Questions is a free resource from Church Army helping Christians of all traditions think about the difficult-to-answer questions of our faith.

These sessions will provide you with all the resources you need to run Faith Questions with your group.


Faith Questions is six sessions long, exploring some long standing and some more contemporary questions surrounding the Christian faith. It explores why questions and doubts can be a good thing, why the Church matters, what our response should be to suffering and more. The sessions are:

  1. Why do we ask questions of our faith?
  2. Why is Jesus so important to Christians?
  3. What is the purpose of the Church?
  4. Why is there Suffering?
  5. Troubling Church history?
  6. What should we do with our Bibles?


Each session is made up of four parts:

Introducing: Helping the group to think about what they already know about the subject.

Expanding: A 3-4 minute video covering key information and ideas for the session.

Exploring: Digging deeper into the ideas covered in the video.

Praying: Prayers for you to lead with your group, reflecting back on the session topic and the difference it makes to our everyday faith.

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Session 1
Why do we ask questions of our faith?
Asking questions of our faith is as old as our faith, and having questions doesn’t mean we don’t believe or can’t follow.
Session 2
Why is Jesus so important to Christians?
We all have our own beliefs about Jesus, why He matters, and why others might have other opinions about Him.
Session 3
What is the purpose of the church?
What is the purpose of the church? Where did it come from and what does it mean for us today?
Session 4
Why is there Suffering?
Explore Christian ideas as to why there is suffering in the world, and how we can stand against that suffering to bring parts of God’s Kingdom into the here and now.
Session 5
Troubling Church History
Explore the ideas around troubling church history, to think about how we sensitively deal with them today, and how we see the goodness in amongst the challenge.
Session 6
What do we do with the Bible?
How do we treat the Bible and encourage participants to have a more invitational approach when talking about the Bible?


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