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Together we can be a light for the unseen

Our Mission is at our Door

Living in a nation where more than a quarter of young people aged 16-25 feel that they will fail in life, there has never been a more important time to share the hope we have in Jesus. 

At Church Army, we stand with those who feel disconnected, fearful, and forgotten. 

  • Half of teenagers say violence of fear of violence affects their livesi 
  • Rates of young people experiencing a mental health issue has more than doubled between 2017 and 2022ii 
  • Nearly four million people feel lonely all or most of the timeiii 

And so we Go

We place trained Church Army Evangelists into these communities to help them see there is hope.  

In the most deprived areas of the UK and Ireland, we support people facing homelessness, addiction, self-harm, loneliness, knife crime, and poverty. 

Will you help someone like Lola?

‘I was scared all the time…men would sometimes shout out to me and make me feel intimidated…I would be trembling with fear.

Scared and alone, Lola found herself at a crisis point, and sleeping on the streets. Trapped in a living nightmare, she was overcome by depression and felt voiceless and lost. 

But, at Church Army’s Marylebone Project, Lola received shelter, support, and the opportunity to pursue life-changing work experience. She has been supported into independent living and gained an apprenticeship at a luxurious London hotel who, afterwards, offered her a full-time position. Her remarkable journey took her from hiding on the streets to living a life free from fear and full of hope!  

What My Gift Will Achieve

Your regular gift of £10 could be a lifeline for someone who has never heard there is hope.  

We choose to go to places where there is little to no church presence and share that no matter how far we may feel from God, He sees us, He loves us, He is always there. 

All journeys are different and take time. Whether sharing faith with those who’ve never encountered the Gospel or walking alongside someone in their struggle with homelessness, addiction, loneliness, or grief, we make a commitment to be there for however long they need. 

Our post-Christian society feels like it’s in freefall, but your donation will help provide a clear route to those struggling to grip on to life, and show them they are loved, valued, and can have a bright future.  

Founded in 1882, our work is built on the legacy of our founder Wilson Carlile, empowering everyday Christians to spread the Gospel through words with actions. We remain dedicated to his commitment to follow Jesus in reaching those society sees as the ‘least, the last and the lost’.

Find Out More

i Youth Endowment Fund – Children, violence and vulnerability report 2023  

ii Mental Health of Children and Young People in England 2022 – wave 3