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Will you be a light of hope to those invisible to others?

Be a Light for people like Lola

‘I was scared all the time…men would sometimes shout out to me and make me feel intimidated…I would be trembling with fear.

But, with the support of Church Army’s Marylebone Project, Lola found shelter, gained valuable work experience, and received comprehensive support to turn her life around. Thanks to the project, Lola was supported into independent living and given the opportunity of an apprenticeship at a luxurious London hotel who, afterwards, offered her a full-time position. Her remarkable journey has taken her from hiding on the streets to living a life free from fear and full of hope!

We place trained Church Army Evangelists in communities across the UK and Ireland to support those in the most challenging situations and share the love of God. We provide spiritual and practical assistance to those who feel overlooked and unseen in our society.

Founded in 1882, our work is built on the legacy of our founder Wilson Carlile, empowering everyday Christians to spread the Gospel through words with actions. We remain dedicated to his commitment to follow Jesus in reaching ‘the least, the last and the lost’.

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