Church Army Pension Scheme

Church Army Pension Scheme – Statement of Investment Principles (SIP) 

The Church Army Pension Scheme (CAPS)
The Scheme was established on 1 October 1997 for employees of Church Army. The Scheme is a defined benefits scheme which was contracted out of the State Second Pension and provides benefits for members on their retirement from employment or to their dependants on death before or after retirement.
The Scheme is governed by the 2010 Definitive Deed and Rules, executed on 17 December 2010. The Scheme incorporates the former Torre Pension Fund Schemes A and B, Church Army Headquarters Staff Pension scheme and the Church Army sections of the Church Workers Pension Fund.
The Scheme is a registered scheme under the Finance Act 2004.
As at 15 December 2003, the Scheme was closed to new members subject to transitional provisions for employees of Church Army not yet eligible to join. No changes have been made during the year ended 31 March 2021 affecting the members’ benefits.
Scheme Management
The overall implementation and management of the Scheme is vested in the Trustees who delegate the general administration of the Scheme to the administrative office of Church Army.

Key Documents

For all enquiries regarding the Church Army Pension Scheme, please call Faye Popham, Scheme Secretary, on 0300 123 2113 or email her here.