Centres of Mission

We support and empower those most in need. Through partnership and collaboration, we change lives and nurture belonging.

Through centres of mission, we’re meeting spiritual, social, emotional, and financial needs of deprived communities through a range of activities and initiatives all across the UK and Ireland.

We believe that to make a real difference we need to get to know people well; we do this by being part of communities, not just working in them.

In a nutshell, our centres of missions are hubs that build relationships, support those living in poverty, and grow creative, accessible church communities. Each centre of mission looks different. They are shaped entirely by the needs of their area; activities, initiatives, and outreach programs vary massively depending on the context.

We’re also passing on what we know – we train both individuals and the wider church, from volunteers to community leaders, to equip and empower people to do what we do – serve communities and share faith.

Centres of mission don’t generally have their own buildings, which means they are free to adapt to the area they are working in. They run groups in local community centres or in church buildings.

We work in partnership with the local church but you’ll often find us outside of church buildings because we want to meet people where they are. We want to be the boots on the ground and hope on the streets.

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Use this map to discover the breadth of our work both in terms of geographical reach and the type of work we do to make such a difference to individual lives in marginalised communities.

Frontline Projects

Centres of Mission
Marylebone Project
The Amber Project
Ty Bronna
Wilson Carlile Centre

Type of Work

Church Planting / Fresh Expressions
Family work
Work with Elderly
Schools work
Food donations
Food distribution
Church groups
Bible study
Social isolation
Poverty alleviation
Employment & education
Building community
Mental health
Recreation activities

We have doubled our frontline work over the last four years and we continue to see exciting growth, reaching more people with the love of God.

There are 30 centres of mission working in partnership with local dioceses (and the number keeps rising!)

140,000+ people connected with us through our centres of mission last year

We attended 300 hours of school assemblies last year

We’re aiming for 50 centres of mission by the end of 2027!

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