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We support and empower those most in need in the UK and Ireland. Through partnership and collaboration, we empower lives and nurture belonging.

Centres of Mission

Church Army centres of mission are hubs that build relationships, support those living in poverty, and grow creative, accessible church communities. Each centre of mission looks different. They are shaped entirely by the needs of their area; activities, initiatives, and outreach programs vary massively depending on the context.

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The Marylebone Project

The Marylebone Project is the largest women’s-only hostel in London and the UK, providing a life-changing service for homeless women, many of whom have reached a crisis point in their life due to experiencing domestic abuse; mental health issues and/or substance abuse.

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The Amber Project

The Amber Project exists to support any young person (aged 14-25) in Cardiff and the surrounding areas who has experience of self-harm.

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Ty Bronna

The Ty Bronna Project works with homeless young people (aged 16-21) in Cardiff, providing them with accommodation and supporting them into independent living.

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Waterways Chaplaincy

As from 2023, Church Army are delighted to welcome the Waterways Chaplaincy chaplains aboard with their enthusiasm, wisdom and shared vision to help and support people who live and work on the inland waterways of Britain.

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Mission Youth Church Network

The mission of MYCN is to enable local schools, churches and community projects to work together to reimagine church with young people.

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Use this map to discover the breadth of our work both in terms of geographical reach and the type of work we do to make such a difference to individual lives in marginalised communities.

Frontline Projects

The Amber Project
Ty Bronna
Wilson Carlile Centre
Waterways Chaplaincy
ENVOY Short Term Mission Trips
Centres of Mission
Marylebone Project

Type of Work

Work with Elderly
Schools work
Food donations
Food distribution
Church groups
Bible study
Social isolation
Poverty alleviation
Employment & education
Building community
Church Planting / Fresh Expressions
Mental health
Family work
Recreation activities

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What we really want to be known for is how we walk alongside and love those who are struggling, especially the marginalised.

We want to be the key that unlocks the chains of food poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and social isolation; chains that have weighed people down for so long.

Through our work, we want the Jesus we know to be a household name because people everywhere have found freedom and a renewed vision for life . We want people to be part of Christian communities where they find love and acceptance.

To see real change, we know we need to remain committed to the long-term.

Ultimately, we’re imagining a better world, and we’re calling you to be part of making this a reality. Your generosity is a gift, and our work is only possible because of you.

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