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Sheffield City Centre of Mission was formed in 2013. The centre of mission’s objectives are to grow new expressions of Christian community and inspire mission and evangelism within the Diocese of Sheffield. They are involved in coordinating mission and evangelism with the nine churches in the city centre and equipping them to build confidence with sharing their faith. The Sunday evening gathering is in partnership with the Methodist Church and Salvation Army. It is an extremely diverse worshipping community including individuals experiencing issues such as substance-misuse, unemployment and homelessness. It is a place where people share a meal and meet with God.

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Stephen Ramshaw writes…

Every day I walk around 24,000 steps through the city centre, looking out for the people most people look past, and the police move on. They’re citizens of Sheffield but the streets are their home.


In September we started our first Recovery group. We’re the only gospel-focused recovery group in the city, supporting people to face their addiction and get free.

Working with these people isn’t clean or pretty; it requires time, and patience, a thick skin, and a tolerance for rough speaking. You can’t get offended, you’ve just got to get stuck in.

One of our lads came to the discipleship course on a Tuesday, and he kept saying he was going to turn away from his criminal activities, maybe in the New Year, but I said to him “It’s OK, Jesus will take you any time so, how about today?” It’s been amazing to see how he’s turning his life around.

Stephen Ramshaw, Sheffield City Centre of Mission

Type of Work

Poverty alleviation


Building Community

Food distribution

Social isolation

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Stephen Ramshaw

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