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Selby, North Yorkshire

Edge Community is a vibrant community of local families who are discovering God on the Flaxley Road estate in Selby. Flaxley Road is one of the most socially deprived communities in North Yorkshire, where there is much brokenness and hurt. Richard and Amy work with local Christians to bring the Good News of God’s love and power to transform lives in a variety of ways. Partnering with a local charity, Edge Community are working towards establishing a community hub which will help facilitate and support local people.

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Richard Cooke WrITES…

Part of our role is coming alongside people. Sometimes, they aren’t going to naturally reach out for help, but through getting to know them, we get invited in to listen to their struggles.

There’s one woman in her late 50s who, a few times, I’ve encouraged to have a food parcel. She’s got various serious health issues, but it took two years for her to get an assessment and have her benefit entitlement confirmed. But, naturally, they don’t backdate it. So, it’s been challenging for her.


This is only one story. I’m very conscious of the increase there’s going to be.

We have a long-term plan for our community hub, which we hope to have the funding to finish by the summer, to be a place where you can pick up a food parcel but also get help with budgeting and signposting to other services.

Richard Cooke, Selby Centre of Mission

Type of Work

Family work

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Food distribution

Poverty alleviation

Church Planting /
Fresh Expressions

Building Community

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Richard Cooke

Amy Hayes


St James Church

St James’ Selby is a family-friendly church located in the heart of Selby at the end of Audus Street, just off Gowthorpe.

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