Llandaff Centre of Mission

The Diocese of Llandaff, South Wales

Llandaff Centre of Mission is a partnership between Church Army and the Diocese of Llandaff and began in 2015. In its first five years it served the Neath Deanery, working across 8 parishes. Since then, the key focus for the Centre of Mission has been advocating for, enabling and resourcing evangelism across the whole Diocese of Llandaff. Andy and Meg (the evangelists) are spreading and growing a culture of evangelism working closely with newly appointed diocesan Engagement Workers, Growth Enablers and newly formed Ministry Areas. They encourage and enable others to join in with the Mission of God through encouragement, access to resources, information and learning and training, including the uptake of Church Army’s ‘Faith Empowered‘ resources and Meg’s bespoke ‘Youth Discipleship Training’ programme developed in response to local need. The Centre of Mission is fully engaged as part of the wider Integrated Mission Team working collaboratively to contribute to the diocesan strategy ‘Where Faith Matters’.

Story from November 2022

Here is a wonderful story shared by Meg: “I shared my testimony about how I realized the lifechanging truth of how much I was worth to God, and preached the Gospel off the back of it. After the service, one of the men came up to me and shared that he was put in prison because of a suicide attempt. He provoked the police officer and wanted to be shot and he did; but it ended up being a rubber bullet. He came up to me, with almost an awe. I could see the gears working in his mind as he put his thoughts together. He said how, like me, he must be worth something to God for him to still be alive. And I got to pray for him and speak that truth over him! That God created him with value. God has a purpose for his life and wasn’t finished with him yet!” 

To contact Andy or Meg, email: andy.settle@churcharmy.org or meg.borges@churcharmy.org.

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Evangelists & Leaders

Meg Borges, Pioneer Evangelist

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Diocese of Llandaff

The Diocese of Llandaff is the most populous of all six Dioceses in Wales. It covers an area taking in the west of Cardiff in the east to Neath in the west, and the Heads of the Valleys road in the north.

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