Kildare Centre Of Mission


The Kildare CoM came into being in September 2022 as a hub in the historic time of Kildare with strong associations with St. Bridget who had an Abbey there. The focus of the CoM under Philip McKinley’s leadership as Lead Evangelist is to develop the Evangelist and Pioneering potential of Kildare by reaching out to the many visitors that come to the Cathedral in addition to creating new pioneering and worshipping communities around the dioceses of Meath and Kildare.

Evangelists & Leaders

Philip McKinley, Lead Evangelist


Diocese of Meath & Kildare

The Diocese of Meath & Kildare was formed in 1976 when Meath was transferred from the Province of Armagh and Kildare was separated from Dublin and Glendalough. In 2013 this diocese appointed Patricia Storey to become the Church of Ireland’s first female bishop.

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