Gwent Valleys Centre Of Mission

Abertillery and surrounding communities, Gwent

The Gwent Valleys Centre of Mission, in Monmouth Diocese, is committed to bringing practical and spiritual hope to the isolated communities within the Gwent valleys, and encouraging people in a journey of discipleship as new followers of Jesus. It is hoped that this new venture will bring opportunities for listening to and engaging with local residents, as we seek to share God’s love and proclaim the Good News of Jesus to people in Abertillery and the surrounding communities across the Gwent Valleys. At the heart of the project is the desire to share the Good News of Jesus with others in words and actions. It is hoped that it will be a bridge between the church and the local community. 

Hannah (Lead Evangelist) and Jenny (Pioneer Evangelist) are having conversations with local community members and are beginning to be able to organise groups and events that share God’s love with those in the local communities.

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Type of Work

Church Planting /
Fresh Expressions

Building Community

Evangelists & Leaders

Hannah Seal

Jenny Falcon-Otero


Diocese of Monmouth

The Diocese takes its name from the county town of Monmouthshire, which sits on the border between Wales and England. It largely covers the former county of Gwent, now incorporating Monmouthshire, Newport, Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent and part of Caerphilly County Boroughs, as well as the eastern reaches of Cardiff.

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