Faith Questions

Answer difficult questions about your faith, be confident in sharing your faith with others.

Welcome to Faith Questions

Faith Questions is a free resource from Church Army exploring the difficult questions we come across in our lives. It doesn’t seek to give easy answers, but instead learn from the wisdom of our predecessors in faith, and give space for participants to reflect and discover what they think about these ideas.  

Faith Questions is six sessions long. The sessions can be used as one off, or as part of a course.


Each session is made up of four parts:

Introducing: Helping the group to think about what they already know about the subject.

Expanding: A 3-4 minute video covering key information and ideas for the session.

Exploring: Digging deeper into the ideas covered in the video.

Praying: Each session has had creative prayers designed for it, to help your group reflect on what they have learned and what God might be asking them to do with it.

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