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Thank you for choosing Faith Pictures for your small group.

Faith Pictures is a resource written by Church Army for use in small groups to help Christians to have confidence in their own story of faith, and to give them tools to help them share that story with others around them. The course consists of six sessions through which the participants explore ideas around faith sharing, reflecting on their own story, connecting their story to that of Scripture, and valuing their own story as an expression of God at work in the world.

In order to spread the word about your Faith Pictures course as effectively as possible, we’ve put together this Social Media Toolkit including a list of helpful tips to make it as easy as possible to share about your Faith Pictures course across your social media platforms.

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Visual Assets

The below images (as well as promotional videos) are available to download from our Resources Toolkit.

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Hashtag & Tagging

When you’re sharing about Faith Pictures on Twitter or Instagram, we’d love you to include the Faith Pictures hashtag to label your post to help others who are interested in the course to quickly find content around the same topic.

Please add #FaithPictures to all posts relating to the Faith Pictures course.

Church Army would love to see and hear how Faith Pictures has impacted your small group, church and community.

Please tag Church Army in all posts on Social Media.

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Promoting your Faith Pictures Course

  1. To build a sense of anticipation and excitement about Faith Pictures, you could host an interest evening or launch event to attract participants. If your church has a Facebook page, try creating a Facebook Event and inviting your social media followers and Diocese in order to advertise the launch of Faith Pictures at your church.
  2. You could host a Live Question & Answer event about the course live on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to attract interested followers.
  3. Try creating a private Facebook Group to further build a sense of community amongst the participants. You could even use the group to further challenge the participants by posting questions or discussion starters.
  4. Once you have finished the course, you could share some of the participants Faith Pictures’ or participant feedback on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This is a great way of helping share the impact of the course within your community. See below for some sample posts.

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