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Your Lent Resource

The Lent Resource is only available to purchase for a limited time (from January 1st to the first week of March). The Lent Resource is available to pre-order from October 1st 2023.

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How does it work?

The Church Army Lent Resource has been designed to give you, your small group or your church space and time each day throughout Lent to listen to God, reflect on the Bible, and see how and where you can listen to His leading in your actions and attitudes.

Each pack contains 40 beautiful cards divided into Action Cards, Character Cards, and Reflection Cards and Marks of Mission Cards.

Action Cards

These cards include a relevant passage from Scripture, and a question for you to reflect on over the next few days to challenge yourself in your faith life. They focus on stories of faith in action from Church Army’s Centres of Mission near where you are

Character Cards

These cards focus on the faith story of people from the Bible, themes in their story, and signpost to where you can read more about each character.

Reflection Cards

These cards prompt you to read a Psalm, and to use that Psalm as a doorway to prayer for the day. The focus of these cards is, as the name suggests, more reflective than the other cards.

Marks of Mission Cards

These cards take one of the Marks of Mission and encourage you to ask questions about your church’s way of expressing that Mark. The first is an introduction to the Marks, so don’t worry if you haven’t come across them before.


  • Pray for help for those who use it to draw closer to God in their walk with him.
  • Pray for encouragement for those who feel anxious about sharing faith to see new ways to do so.
  • Pray for increased awareness for the work CA is doing through our Centres of Mission.
  • Pray to widen people’s idea of how their church can share Gods love through the Marks of Mission.
  • Pray that the artwork would inspire people to see Biblical characters in a fresh light.

WAtch the UNBOXING video

Unpack the cards

“This resource is intended to be easy to use, beautiful to look at, and to be an encouragement to listen to God through Lent inspired by stories of faith in action taken from Scripture and from communities across the UK and Ireland. Whilst you can buy the set of cards you can also subscribe free to receive email reflections throughout Lent. We want everyone who can to be able to join in and to be blessed in their journey with us through Lent!”

Dr Tim Ling, Director of Learning & Development
Church Army

The Church Army Lent Resource is beautifully creative, brilliantly engaging, and a gentle balance of action, learning, reflection and prayer. I pray that thousands of people will find it a hugely helpful resource for Lent.

Peter Rouch
Chief Executive Officer, Church Army

Lent Resource: How To

The packs have been designed and created to be in the correct order so you can simply take the correct card out of the pack each day.

  1. On the first day of Lent, take the first card out of the pack and follow the instructions. This year, that’s Wednesday 22nd of February. You might like to join thousands of Christians across the UK and Ireland in taking part in the Lent Resource Email Reflections. Sign-up here.
  2. Each day throughout Lent, pick up the next card, reflecting on what it says.
  3. Share your reflections and thoughts on social media using the official #LentResource hashtag on Twitter by clicking the button below or share to Facebook here.

What if I don’t want to buy a pack?

Absolutely! We want as many people as possible to engage with God and reflect on sharing their faith this Lent, that’s why we’re running the Lent Resource as an email campaign completely free of charge! Sign up and please do share this link across your church networks.

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The Church Army Lent resource has been produced by a Carbon-Balanced Printer, who are protecting 24 acres of critically threatened tropical forest through partnership with the World Land Trust (registered charity no. 100191).

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