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As a foundation for the Leadership Development Programme, this module aims to enable you to celebrate and deepen an awareness of your leadership identity; and to support you to develop and communicate an authentic leadership vision to those whom you lead and work alongside.

My leadership identity

This session will give you the opportunity to explore a number of the key ingredients that make up your leadership identity – what this is currently, where this has come from and ways in which this identity helps you to lead.

My Core Values & Motivation

This session will give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of core values and personal motivations – what these are, where they are from and why these lie at the heart of authentic leadership.

Mine & Others’ Differences

This session will explore and celebrate difference in what we and others bring to leadership.

Turning Vision Into Action

This session will explore ways in which a leadership vision provides direction to self and others and is translated into action to meet on-going ministry challenges.

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This module aims to enable you to identify what healthy habits help to sustain your passion and commitment to leadership and ministry; reflect on your experience and identify areas for personal growth in relation to either your relationships or how you use your leadership power with others.

Healthy Habits

This session explores four key areas for our wellbeing as leaders and the importance of self-care in work/ministry in order to sustain ourselves and model healthy leadership to those we lead.

Healthy Boundaries

This session explores what boundaries are, your ability to establish and maintain personal boundaries, and aims to deepen your understanding of how setting boundaries helps sustain healthy leadership.

Healthy Relationships

This session aims to explore different types of people we meet in ministry – those that are helpful and others which may hinder. As well as exploring the importance of building a network of healthy relationships for sustaining healthy leadership.

Healthy Use Of Power

This session explores the different types of power we have as leaders, the impact of ways we use our power, and how our own experience of other leaders’ power may influence how we view our own personal leadership power.

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This module aims to help you to further develop your leadership with others, who are alongside you in varied team situations.

Leading Teams

This session will give you the opportunity to reflect on teams and the choices we have as leaders about when different styles of leadership are right for the moment, task and/or team.

Building Teams

Acknowledging the benefits of collaborating with others, this session focuses on some of the practical steps a leader can take to gather and build an effective team, and ways to build working relationships founded on trust, openness and respect.

Healthy Teams

This session focuses on two key aspects of healthy teams – taking action to discover and sustain the motivation of team members and creating a healthy culture of two-way feedback.

Storming Teams

This session explores a leader’s personal reactions to conflict in the team and offers several practical strategies for taking action.

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This module aims to help you consider ways in which we can work effectively in partnership with others; offering practical strategies for managing multiple expectations and demands.

Mapping The Territory

This session explores the network of relationships that a leader needs to develop and maintain in order to achieve their goals – in particular, those external to the team(s) for which they are responsible.

Building Open & Trusted Relationships

This session considers practical ways in which leaders can develop healthy and effective relationships with those in their stakeholder network.

Manage Multiple Expectations

This session explores the reality of managing the often conflicting demands and priorities of others, and ways in which we can seek to reach agreement when agendas don’t align.

Communicating Effectively with Stakeholders

This session considers a range of different ways in which leaders establish and maintain effective communication across their stakeholder networks.

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This module aims to encourage and equip leaders to consciously invest time and energy in enabling the growth and development of other leaders.

The Importance of Developing Others

This session encourages you to reflect on your motivation for developing other leaders, ways in which others encouraged and developed you and who, amongst your current team, you will focus on as you work through the remaining sessions in this module.

Tools for Leadership DevelopMent

This session aims to grow the range of resources available to leaders in their ‘toolkit’ to enable the ongoing development and growth of others.

Leader Development Through Effective Supervision & APpraisal

This session explores the role of supervision and appraisal for the identification and meeting of leadership development needs.

Performance Management

This session explores possible reasons for our reluctance to take action in situations if and when team members are not performing to agreed expectations.

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