Envoy is an innovative step-by-step coaching community developing your evangelism and effectiveness in living missionally.

Envoy  helped  to  bring  evangelism  alive,  from  concept  to  applied  life  and  to  bring  awareness  into  everyday  routine.  The  weekly  input [podcast]  coupled  with  talking  about  it  and  praying  into  it  helped  grow  roots  over  time  and  normalise  evangelism.

Envoy Participant (2023)

I came to Envoy expecting to have to come up with a scary checklist of jobs to do, putting personal evangelism into practice. Instead I received new life in my walk with Jesus, life to the full that Jesus promised – giving life and releasing value in others and receiving life through their words and insights. Some of our friends who we have been praying for, have joined our church, some have become more open and vulnerable and we have seen how the Holy Spirit has connected with them, giving us opportunities to invite them to come and see, then come and follow. I bumped into one of my old neighbours three times in the same week and as I asked God what this was all about, and we got talking about faith, he opened up about the suffering in his life. He came along to our fresh expression of church and has kept coming. The whole community now has folded God’s love around him, supporting him and he’s made lots of new friends. I now have stronger, deeper friendships with those in my group through being part of Envoy and I am excited to see how God will use us next.

Envoy Participant (2023)

Envoy Dates

Start Date Week beginning 9th October 2023

Envoy Duration 24 weeks

Time Required 2 Hours per week

Coaching Community Sessions Online or in person

Teaching Resource Podcast via Envoy Webiste

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Where is Envoy???

Emma Taylor Writes…

We have almost 100 participants this year on our 24-week coaching plan to mobilise Christians in evangelism wherever they are.  Participants hail from all over – from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, and Canada. It’s exciting for us to see so many Christians every year step into their evangelism.

Typically, evangelism training is focused on developing skills in people. There aren’t a lot of evangelistic resources geared towards activating evangelism right away and supporting people as they step out in their own environments.

We offer a step-by-step coaching community that provides a scaffold for the participant to flesh out; guided by the Holy Spirit and in community with other Christians.


We don’t prescribe anything or think there is only one way of doing things.

“I’ve done evangelism courses in the past, but Envoy is different – it gets you thinking about the real world. In a church setting, things can sometimes be a bit formal. But when outside, feeling out of our comfort zone… that’s when Envoy becomes important. Envoy has taught me how to share Jesus with people, to invite them to ‘come and see’ what Jesus can do in their lives. I’ve been able to think about how I can take what I’ve learnt from Envoy into the world with me and show people that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.” Feedback from a participant.

Emma Taylor, Envoy Evangelism Coach

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