Commissioned Evangelist

Evangelists come in all shapes and sizes.

Come and discern whether you’re called to be a Commissioned Evangelist with Church Army. If it’s right for you, you we’d love you to start training with us.  

Church Army has been training pioneer evangelists in the UK and around the world since Victorian times and specialises in teaching and learning about mission and evangelism. 

In studying with us, you will have the opportunity to learn as part of a prayerful Christian community, with like-minded tutors and fellow students. We have a diverse learning community, incorporating academic and less academic approaches to teaching and learning, and cater to a range of church traditions.

What does training with Church Army look like? 

Church Army training is a part-time, three-year programme of terms focused on formational learning and mission within a pioneering context. Some students work for the Certificate of Higher Education in Theology, Ministry and Mission accredited by Durham University, and others work for a Church Army award.

What award will I achieve? 

There are two types of awards you could work towards:

  • Certificate of Higher Education in Theology, Ministry and Mission (accredited by Durham University 
  • A Church Army award

How does the teaching work? 

Teaching takes place at six weekends throughout the year, normally at residential weekends at Church Army’s home, the Wilson Carlile Centre, located in central Sheffield. 

The residentials normally begin with prayer and lunch on Friday, and end on Sunday morning. Each weekend comprises module sessions, times of prayer and worship, good food, and time to relax with one another. 

During lockdown, we have been meeting for training weekends online, where we come together as a community for learning as well as prayer, worship and fun.  

You will be taught by tutors with a wide range of experience and specialism. From communication skills to Fresh Expressions of church, from biblical studies to contextual evangelism, we love sharing our passions with the student group. We work as a team to ensure each weekend is varied and stimulating. 

Will I get any extra support? 

During your training journey you will be supported by a Local Mentor who will have oversight of your mission and evangelism in your local context, a Personal Tutor who is your point of contact for all training matters, and a Reflector. This Reflector is a Church Army Evangelist who journeys with you during your training, meeting with you twice a term, online or in person, to talk through how training is going and highlight areas for growth and issues of concern. 

How much does the training cost? 

Church Army meets all teaching and learning costs for people training to be Commissioned Evangelists, including any academic fees, residential costs at Wilson Carlile Centre, travel to and from residentials. It is students’ responsibility to provide other living costs, and most students support themselves by working during their time in training.

Want to know more?

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