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Commissioned Church Army Evangelist

If your calling is to be an evangelist working in the name of the church and authorised by the Anglican Church, then you should explore your calling to be a Commissioned Church Army Evangelist. We will help you discern your calling, equip you with training and study, and help you follow where God is leading you. Church Army training is part of the preparation for being commissioned as a Church Army Evangelist and recognised for ministry by the Church of England and other Anglican Provinces.

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Evangelists come in all shapes and sizes, from all traditions of the church, from all backgrounds, and all levels of learning. You only have to look at those Jesus drew around him to see that God
can call the most unexpected of people, and great things can happen.

Members of Church Army work across all traditions and sectors of the church. Some are paid for their ministry, others give of their own time. Whether you are lay or ordained, Anglican or from
another Christian denomination, young or old, if you have the gift of being an evangelist – there may be a place for you in Church Army; a place to meet with like-minded people, a place to get support and ideas, and place to receive teaching, a place to be you.

The Church Army Mission Community is open to Christians from any denomination who have a heart for evangelism.

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