Growing Faith

Whatever your experience, we can equip you to share your faith with others

Learn and Grow

Discovering evangelism, and what it means to you, can be daunting. You may be new to it and not quite sure how it fits into your life; just looking to dip your toe in, or maybe you’re keen to share your faith and want to learn how to open the discussion about faith.

Alternatively, you may feel you are ready to progress your journey and explore becoming a leader in mission and evangelism and looking to grow in your gifting.

Whatever stage you are at, we have something for you whether it is support and training, direction to encourage and nurture your journey to share your faith or embrace evangelism full time and explore becoming a Church Army Evangelist. 

Be an Evangelist

Church Army’s training will develop and deepen your understanding of pioneering evangelism and Church Army’s DNA. We train all our evangelists in context, and the mix of learning, practice, and faith will grow your evangelistic calling. Discern God’s call, and discover what it means to become a Church Army Commissioned Evangelist.

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Faith Resources

Church Army’s Faith Resources help you put mission and evangelism at the centre of your faith life.

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Envoy is Church Army’s Evangelism Coaching Resource.

It is an innovative step-by-step coaching community developing your evangelism and effectiveness in living missionally.

The former Xplore and Reunion coaching communities are now part of Envoy community.

Living Missionally | In Community | Doing Evangelism

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Leadership Development (LEAD)

LEAD is an online, modular learning resource for growing leaders in mission and evangelism. We want to equip a new generation of leaders (who will in turn raise up more leaders), who will see transformation in their communities through faith shared in word and action.

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Theological Library

The Church Army library at the Wilson Carlile Centre in Sheffield, is a quiet space with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It’s an excellent resource for the study of evangelism and the most significant theological library in South Yorkshire, containing over 15,000 volumes.

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