Paige’s Volunteer Story

Langley, Birmingham

“I was building relationships with a lady who was attending stay and play, she shared that as a child she had previously been to church but as she grew older, she just put church to aside to do the things she wanted. She started to attend our women’s group which consists of fellowship, a small devotional and time of prayer. During a time of prayer, the lady became evidently upset, once we had finished praying, she asked us if “we wouldn’t mind, if we had enough time, to pray for her”. (The way she said this even touched me as it made me think she didn’t actually feel important enough that we would spare our time) Of course we prayed for her!!

She shared that she was pregnant, but a few months earlier had suffered a miscarriage. She was feeling anxious and full of fear as she had an upcoming scan and was scared for the outcome. We prayed over her and gave her some encouragement.

Praise God she went for her scan, and all was well!! She attributes the peace that came over her and the fact that she is now several months pregnant and preparing for her new arrival to the fact God is Good! She now identifies as a Christian and we are walking on her faith journey with her.

I am grateful for the people God has put me around to support, I am in awe of the impact God is having in the women’s lives, and the impact we are having on families lives.

During the time of volunteering, I have seen so much growth spiritually, my passion to see people come to faith has become heightened and my confidence to get out amongst people has grown.

People have said that they see a grace and anointing for evangelism in me, particularly for moms and children. It has been noticed that my confidence and passion for the lost has grown rapidly over the past 18 months as I have become more involved with Langley Centre of Mission.

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Position Location Gender Details
New Church Plant supporter Rochdale Centre of Mission Any More info
Football Coach and Organiser Rochdale Centre of Mission Any More info
Welsh Translator Church Army Any More info