Ollie’s Volunteer Story

South East England

Ollie volunteers at one of our projects, providing a drop-in church on Sunday afternoons for individuals with complex lifestyles and complicated needs, in South East England,

What exciting things have happened in your volunteering?

Meeting the staff and all the other people at our drop-in Church. Becoming more confident in meeting people and talking


Meeting people.

How have you changed since volunteering?

I am more confident and feel a part of a community, which helps my anxiety.

What have others said to you about your volunteering?

They have seen how much I have changed and how I am more confident. The staff tell me how important I am to the team.

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Position Location Gender Details
New Church Plant supporter Rochdale Centre of Mission Any More info
Football Coach and Organiser Rochdale Centre of Mission Any More info
Welsh Translator Church Army Any More info