LUCASZ’s Volunteer Story


Lukasz from Poland had been working as a supervisor in a vibrant and bustling café in Sheffield for many years before chatting with a regular customer about a local alpha course and Church Army.

Lukasz was born into an ordinary Roman Catholic family and involved in World Youth Day as a teenager. He loves classical music and travelling around the world. When chatting to Mick and Mark, Lukasz was interested in the work that Church Army did.

“I was looking for a chance to change my career, and so I came to the Church Army office and spoke to Faye to see if there was an opportunity for me. I realised I didn’t really want to work for a commercial place and I saw on the website that Church Army were doing amazing things.”

Lukasz has been volunteering at the office for a year now, and has been able to gain experience in administration, including responding to letters, archiving reports and even helping with the catering for an event at the Wilson Carlile Centre.

“I have learned a lot here, and I am doing a lot of new things. Everyone here is very helpful, especially when I have struggled with the language barrier. I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to visit different Church Army projects like the Marylebone Project. The atmosphere in the office is very nice and I only wish I had more time to spend here! Volunteering here is a wonderful way to get HR experience.”

Lukasz is a delight to work with in the office and provides entertainment with funny stories from his work in the café and from boot camp!