Joan’s Volunteer Story

Llandaff Centre of Mission

Joan gives her time to make the work of our Llandaff Centre of Mission possible.

What exciting things have happened Whilst volunteer?

“A hot summers day, when the Archdeacon visited. We were outside due to the large numbers of hot, thirsty students. She offered to help and was overwhelmed due to our football teams. The Head Teacher said that we would now have to use the youth wing!”

What are you thankful about in your volunteering?

“Meeting the students, sharing their life stories. The joy in their faces as we recognise them in school and out in the community”.

How have you changed since Volunteering?

“I love the children, the experience and the fellowship”.

What have others said to you about volunteering?

“I encouraged a friend and church members to volunteer against her initial hesitancy. They are very enthusiastic now!”