Jan: Llandaff Centre of Mission

Jan gives her time to make the work of our Llandaff Centre of Mission possible.

What exciting things have happened Whilst volunteer?

“I volunteer on The Lounge Project held in Llangatwg Comprehensive School on Thursday lunchtimes. One Saturday, I was on the bus going home from town and a girl who comes to the project came up to me and said “Hiya Miss! You are one of the teachers who come to our school aren’t you?” She then went on to introduce me to her family. This touched my heart! This shows how God works to reveal His work to the wider family of those we serve.

How have you changed since Volunteering?

“It has increased my confidence to share my faith with others in a social setting. I also promote the Project to those I speak to and share with them the active role we provide in our community”.

What have others said to you about volunteering?

“They’ve been pleasantly surprised by the work being done in the locality and the Church’s commitment to mission and outreach.”