Grace’s Volunteer Story

Marylebone Project

My Experience of Volunteering as an ex-resident

Grace* says…

“I was a resident at Church Army’s Marylebone Project for just under 2yrs. After leaving, I made the decision to come and volunteer at the day centre for which the staff and management have really welcomed me with open arms.

I am currently volunteering 2-3 times a week shadowing a member of staff, assisting her with various jobs and assisting with different workshops at the day centre. I have enjoyed doing this role as not only have the staff been accepting of my work, but they have also been very encouraging. Because of the work that I have done, they have also put me forward for another role as an Assessment and Planning Champion working with residents directly helping them with their assessment process.

I will advise everyone to come and volunteer with Church Army because there are opportunities for you to train as well as working with and being part of a great team that are very friendly.

There are also chances for you to grow internally with opportunities to access different volunteer opportunities which is a great CV builder.

Since I have been volunteering it has given me back my confidence as well as now being confident to apply for any external roles. It has also motivated me to want to give back to my community and working with women who are facing the same challenges as I faced,  gives the women their own hope as to what can be achieved.”

*Name changed to maintain anonymity