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Volunteering can be a rewarding opportunity to give back and join in with something bigger. We are so thankful for how our volunteers give their time, skills, and energy to make a difference in local communities.

Last year, our 600 volunteers gave over 90,000 hours at centres of mission! And there are so many more than support the important work at the Marylebone Project and The Amber Project.

We support our volunteers so they feel equipped in their roles, and celebrate them because they deserve to know how valued they are in the community of Church Army.

We always establishing new opportunities for volunteers to get involved with our work! Even if you don’t live close to one of our centres of mission or projects, please do get in touch and we can explore how you might be able to support Church Army where you are.

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Hear from some of our volunteers about their experiences volunteering with Church Army.

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Thank you so much for generously giving your time and energy to make a positive impact in local communities. As always, we’d love to hear from you! Send your questions or share you experience of volunteering using the contact form further up this page.

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We’d love to talk to you to find out how you could get involved in giving your time and skills to support our work.

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Use this map to discover the breadth of our work both in terms of geographical reach and the type of work we do to make such a difference to individual lives in marginalised communities.

Frontline Projects

Centres of Mission
Marylebone Project
The Amber Project
Ty Bronna
Wilson Carlile Centre
Waterways Chaplaincy
ENVOY Short Term Mission Trips

Type of Work

Church Planting / Fresh Expressions
Family work
Work with Elderly
Schools work
Food donations
Food distribution
Church groups
Bible study
Social isolation
Poverty alleviation
Employment & education
Building community
Mental health
Recreation activities


Would you like to get involved in giving your time and skills to support our work.

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