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We’re passionate about reaching out to those who often get overlooked, and we work hard to walk alongside vulnerable individuals in the UK and Ireland.

By collaborating with others and focusing on long-term solutions, we tackle some of society’s most pressing issues, such as homelessness, child poverty, mental health struggles, and social isolation. We know that change is possible when we extend a hand of love to those who need it most.

Will you join us in showing kindness to the least, the last, and the lost?

Together we can change despair to hope.

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Here’s how we’re empowering change


Nick Russell is Church Army Evangelist in Greenwich where he works with young people involved in gang-related crime:

“There’s a lad who came to our youth groups but got engaged in drug dealing. He came back to us badly injured by a rival gang. We pulled alongside him, got him involved in other work and now he’s with us as a youth leader.

The key to these relationships is persevering love. They’re mostly damaged and hurting young people who’ve never experienced acceptance.

Love is the only thing that can give vulnerable children hope.”


Kerry Dixon is a Church Army Evangelist in Dundee working with those struggling with substance dependancy:

“Recovery isn’t a straight line. People will fall many times before they stay standing. But we’re committed their recovery.

One guy lived a very violent life. He was with a woman who prostituted herself to feed both their drug habits. After stabbing someone, he has been in and out of prison. But now he is clean and we continue to walk beside him every step of the way.

We don’t give up.”


Christina is a support worker at Church Army’s Amber Project, supporting those aged 14-25 in Cardiff who have experience of self-harm.

“We work with vulnerable young people, many who may not make it to next week, or even tomorrow.

Often, they have been hurt and failed by services. Our work is teaching them that they’re not the problem and through unlimited therapy and support groups, we help these young people rebuild from trauma. One girl was determined that she was going to die; now she is talking about her future and what she wants to do in life. From a place of barely holding on, she’s going to thrive.”


Rachel Codd is the manager at Church Army Ty Bronna, providing supported accommodation for those aged 16-21 experiencing a housing crisis.

“The young people referred to us have hardly any resilience and their mental health is often a barrier for them. We support them so they can focus on the skills they need to live independently.

One young person came to us after weekly suicidal attempts. We were the only service keeping her alive. She told us, “If it wasn’t for the staff here, I would be dead.” We believed in her from the start and never gave up.

Now she is ready to start living independently.”


Church Army’s Marylebone Project offers 112 long and short-term beds to homeless and vulnerable women in London.

We have over 90 years of experience supporting vulnerable homeless women facing crisis such as domestic violence, mental health illness, human trafficking, etc. Each year we provide around 40,000 nights of safe and secure accommodation.

The Sanctuary is open 24/7, 365 days for female rough sleepers providing a crucial round-the-clock lifeline to women in crisis. We also offer a wide range of educational training, and social and well-being activities to equip these women with the confidence and skills to move forward with their lives.


Sean Andrews is a Church Army Evangelist in Scunthorpe walking alongside ex-offenders and the vulnerably housed.

“We run a weekly drop-in where people can come for breakfast, toast and plenty of tea and coffee.

We meet some amazing people, many who have made mistakes or taken wrong turns in life, and it’s a privilege to help bring them back.

They see what we do here as “real Christianity”. Some are cautious and expect Christianity to have strings-attached, but we don’t care who they are or where they’ve come from, we just want them to know this is a safe place.”

Spring Harvest 2023

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