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There are lots of ways to get involved in our work. Volunteer your time, donate to our front-line projects, or take part in a fundraising event. Your workplace or local church can even partner with us! By working together, we can make a real difference and see more lives transformed.


You’re invited! We’d love you to meet you in person or online – find out about our live streams, days to explore your calling, fundraising challenges, and local events.

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Corporate Partnerships

Through a charity partnership with Church Army your company and your employees can become part of our vision to reach those broken, rejected and hurting people in our society, to bring transformation and hope.

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Join the team behind the movement. Become part of a long line of trailblazers, united by the desire to bring hope to the most in need and change lives. Be part of an organisation you’ll love working for. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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Explore and grow in faith through our collection of carefully crafted courses, videos, and resources for you and your church. All free to download, watch, and share with others.

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Book your stay in the heart of Sheffield, hire a room for your meeting or event or pop in for a tasty treat from our café!

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Frequently asked Questions

Can’t find your answer? Ask us directly and we’ll be able to help.

How do you fund your work?

We are proud to have had our ‘boots on the ground’ since 1882 and like all great pioneers and explorers we choose to not go it alone. Partnership is at the core of our work whether with other organisations and third-party agencies or our individual supporters whose generosity plays such an important role in our journey to make a difference to individual lives.

All our Centres of Mission (CoM) are based upon some level of partnership with the local diocese that supports the financial operation of our frontline work.

Our social action projects – the Marylebone Project, Amber Project and Ty Bronna operate under a partnership with the local authority, grant making trusts and third-party agencies relevant to the nature of our work.

Donations from our amazing supporters are intrinsic to our work. Whether a one-off donation or regular giving – every £1 donated goes in its entirety to our work in helping to change the lives of those most marginalised. We are proud to offer our supporters the choice between supporting Church Army as a national charity or at a local, personal level to them by supporting a specific project or individual.

Many supporters and employees chose to undertake fundraising initiatives for Church Army for which we are very grateful.

At our National Office in Sheffield we are fortunate to have an Accommodation and Conferencing arm running our very own hospitality facilities and the revenue generated supports the operational aims of the charity.

Is Church Army part of the Salvation Army?

No, we are separate organisations. Church Army and The Salvation Army were both started in the late 1800s as a Christian response to the needs in society. Our founder, Wilson Carlile, and the founder of The Salvation Army, William Booth, were contemporaries and friends. The Salvation Army was born out of the Methodist Church and later went on to be a separate church. Church Army was founded by a Church of England priest to enable ordinary people to witness to those around them. Church Army has remained a mission agency within the Anglican Church.