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Sharing Faith Through Words and Actions for 140 Years

Sarah Waller

In today’s world, social issues like poverty, isolation, and poor mental health are on the increase. Sometimes these issues are visible, but often it is those who are living in crisis who are the most hidden from public view, and that makes them the hardest to reach. For many people each day is a struggle with no apparent hope on the horizon. But when someone hears the gospel message, their whole life can be transformed.

Church Army is an evangelistic organisation that empowers the Church in the UK and Ireland to step beyond the church walls and take the Gospel to some of the hardest to reach parts of the UK and Ireland.

For 140 years Church Army has been training gifted evangelists to go to the places that no-one wants to go and to engage with the most marginalised and forgotten people in society, and to share faith with people by spreading hope in both words and by taking action to help people out of their place of despair and support them towards a better life.

Evangelism is simply sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. It is telling others about the hope that we have in Christ. And it is inviting them to put their trust in Him too. As Church Army we seek to equip Christians to tell the world around them about Jesus through free resources for individuals, small groups, whole churches and dioceses, and through our three-year training program for people who feel a particular call on their life to make evangelism their full-time vocation by becoming a Commissioned Church Army Evangelist.

Church Army has always been at the forefront of empowering female evangelists to change the world. We have seen many Church Army women make ground-breaking and trailblazing transformation to the lives of struggling people and communities and we continue to be pioneers in promoting women in positions where they can reach their full God-given potential to make real and lasting change.

Do you feel God is calling you to be an Evangelist? Or do you want to be inspired by reading about the lives that have been transformed by our work? You can also read some of the stories of how the work of Church Army Evangelists and key projects have brought hope to some of the darkest places and seen lives changed as people from all walks of life discover Jesus for the first time by clicking here.

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