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Could you be a Church Army Evangelist?

Sarah Waller

Church Army are at the forefront of empowering female evangelists to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and make a lasting impact on struggling communities around the UK and Ireland. We believe that every woman has the potential to bring about positive change in her community and Jo Miller, one of our Evangelists-in-Training is no exception.

Jo’s journey towards becoming a Commissioned Church Army Evangelist will inspire you as she shares how she found her own unique way of spreading God’s word.

“I found my passion for evangelism and ministry through my local church in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. I got involved with Sunday school, became a church warden, and started mission events. I joined an amazing project called ‘Another Chance’ which is a charity shop and café that aims to bring together two divided communities in Londonderry. During The Troubles it would have been impossible for people from either side to meet – but now ‘Another Chance’ helps spread love through practical help. We offer services like Messy Church sessions, Stay & Play groups, and The Sanctuary, which is a warm space where people can come together. We are meeting real needs within our community while allowing God’s light shine into hard places.

I was looking for a way to develop my ministry and to make ‘Another Chance’ stronger. I wanted it to help people have closer relationships with God and the local people. Ordination didn’t seem like right option for me, so I kept searching for something else that would support my current ministry whilst helping our church grow. Then, I found Church Army online and knew it was perfect! It had all the values and hopes that I wanted. I applied and soon began my journey towards becoming a Church Army Evangelist.

I am so thankful to be training as a Commissioned Church Army Evangelist. It has been an incredible blessing that God had planned all along for me, validating the ministries I have been doing here in Londonderry. Through doing this, I know that evangelism is truly what He intended me to be doing!  Knowing this encourages me for the journey ahead; affirming how valuable and important it is to be serving In Our Lord’s name.  Many Evangelists-in-Training go on to serve God in different sectors such as chaplaincy posts in healthcare, prison service or military. Others use the skills developed during their training to grow the church communities around them and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

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