How could LEAD resource you?

Hannah Tosswill

‘I’m not a leader so I’m not sure if this is relevant for me’. Read on, maybe you are!

For those of you who are new here, let me quickly introduce you to LEAD. LEAD is one of our resources for people who want to grow in their leadership potential and for those who want to make a difference and raise up new leaders. Through weekly learning material and a tool called action learning, participants can apply their learning to real life situations and find out how others are doing the same. In action learning groups, each participant presents a situation that they would appreciate support with, and the group will ask open questions to help the individual take steps towards taking an action. Open questions help the group step away from offering advice, rather they help each member to work out the next step in their leadership. Action learning means everyone leaves with an action!

What I’ve loved about being involved with LEAD is seeing how simple and effective this style of reflective learning can be. The groups offer a safe space for people to feel empowered to share honestly and openly with others about what they are experiencing in their role as a leader.

Having been in various action learning groups, I have seen how being part of LEAD encourages participants to explore fresh perspectives on a situation that they might have been wrestling with for a while. It’s not unusual for an individual to express how, by listening to others’ scenarios, they have felt reassured that they are not the only one who struggles with an issue. There is something special about helping members of an action learning group to have those moments of insight: ‘wow, I had never thought about it like that’ or ‘oh, so it’s not just me!’.

Before I was involved in LEAD, I found myself thinking ‘I’m not a leader so I’m not sure if this is relevant for me’. I have come to realise that we don’t necessarily have to be in a defined leadership role to have the opportunities to exercise leadership. We don’t have to hold a specific title to be able to grow with the help of the LEAD programme. Part of the beauty of LEAD is that every participant is different. Some might be leading a team or a project for the first time, whilst others might have years of experience. Regardless of context, we all have something to learn that will benefit our communities, whether that be in the office or on the frontline, and it is a privilege to draw alongside each other to help reach our potential.

You can find out more about how LEAD learning resources can support you and your leaders here LEAD – Church Army

Or sign up for a Bitesize 2hr taster session online here LEAD Bitesize Tasters – Church Army

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