Being Salt & Light With Friends

Becky Forder

I love people and relationships. They give me life and fill me with joy. I am very much what you might call a “people person”. In fact relationships and community I think are one of the most amazing gifts God has given us. I love the variety and colour that comes from having different people in our lives.

If I am being totally honest though when I hear the word “evangelism” in terms of my friendships, something inside of me squirms a little. Maybe it is memories of feeling like I had to invite friends to Christian events so that they could come to know Jesus, as if it was something I needed to tick off my spiritual check list of dos and don’ts. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with inviting friends to Christian events and at some times and in some contexts that maybe just what our friends need.

However, I am convinced that there is so much more power in sharing life with people, in a real, authentic and vulnerable way. That there is power in loving our friends when life is messy and hard, opening our homes, sharing meals and having fun. Being generous with our time, with our encouragements and our resources. Loving them with no other agenda than love because we love them and because God loves them. I think that love for our friends that is real and genuine, that puts ourselves out for them and that says to them “you are important just as you are” is the most powerful evangelism there is.

Which of your friends right now is in a tough place and needs you to get alongside them and encourage them?

Who can you invite round for a meal or to share time with your household?

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