Looking to the Future

January 2024

Reflecting on 2023, we can’t ignore the pressing issues that plagued our society. From the overwhelming level of need and poverty to the heartbreaking prevalence of abuse and spiritual hunger, it was undoubtedly a difficult year for many. It’s disheartening to witness the growing number of vulnerable individuals who are continuously overlooked, ignored and rejected across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our mission to assist those in dire need remains absolutely vital.

Visitors to The Sanctuary in the Marylebone Project more than doubled in three months.  

The number of individuals sleeping rough is on the rise, with England alone reporting a staggering 26% increase.  

The persistent rise in interest rates and inflation exacerbated the cost-of-living crisis, contributing to a rise in food insecurity, homelessness and mental health issues for countless individuals.  

The number of 17–19 year-olds grappling with mental health problems has skyrocketed from 1 in 8 individuals to an alarming 1 in 4.* 

But there is good news! Your support has made a significant impact through Church Army’s work. Together, we’ve brought hope and practical assistance to countless individuals who may have otherwise been overlooked. 

For the last five years, 100% of women resettled into independent housing by the Marylebone Project have successfully maintained their tenancies.  

A staggering 4,745 nights of accommodation have been provided to homeless young people through CA Ty Bronna in Cardiff.  

Over 24,600 meals or food parcels have been given out from our Centres across the UK and Ireland.  

264 young people affected by self-harm have been cared for and helped by our Amber Project.  

More than 3,000 essential items, such as school uniforms, hygiene packs and electrical appliances, have been distributed to those in need.

As we set our sights on 2024, our dedicated mission is to extend our unwavering support to those who need it most. We strive to empower individuals with practical assistance and spiritual guidance, ensuring they feel the boundless love of God through our words and actions. 

But the reality is that countless people in our society remain unseen and forgotten, facing immense challenges without assistance. That’s why we need your help — now more than ever. By addressing the growing need, we inevitably face increased costs for our critical services. The Marylebone Project alone requires over £3m annually to function. Ty Bronna, in Cardiff, providing essential accommodation for homeless youth, costs more than £400,000 per year to run. The combined expenses to manage all our Centres of Mission exceed £2m per year. 

Without your support, these vital services would cease to exist, leaving countless individuals stranded without practical aid or hope. Your donation, regardless of the amount, makes an immeasurable impact on the lives of those we assist. Just imagine the transformations made possible with your help. Take Valentina,** who found refuge at the Marylebone Project and is now embarking on a nursing career and is reunited with her daughter. Reflect on Sam,** who is courageously working with the Amber Project to conquer self-harm. And consider Gavin, who discovered solace and purpose at the Pirate Monks recovery group in Dundee and who is now providing mentorship to others. 

Please, let us unite in our fight against social injustice, continuing to demonstrate God’s unwavering and unconditional love to each and every person who crosses our path. The need is urgent, and your support is crucial. 

* British Medical Association August 2023  

** Names changed