Evangelists-in-Training (EiT)

Introducing 3 more EiTs

In September 2023, eight wonderful, new Evangelists-in-Training (EiTs) began their journey with Church Army. We had the joy of introducing you to some of them in the last edition of CA inFocus. Now, we’re delighted to introduce the rest of the cohort, who are all gifted individuals and will be following God’s calling on their heart and developing their unique evangelistic skills with Church Army over the next three years.

Angela Jones

Anjela lives in Dewsbury and is married with four grown-up children, a granddaughter and a much-loved family dog. Anjela worked as a bus driver in the past, and she’s put this valuable skill to use with the local Destination 211 bus ministry. The bus visits local council estates, where the team talk to local families about Jesus and engage in arts and crafts. 

Gail Southgate

Gail lives in Aldringham, Suffolk, where she’s an Evangelist at the Suffolk Centre of Mission. She’s a member of the Iona community and is married to her husband, Stephen. Gail helps people engage with CA resources, such as Faith Questions, and she co-leads a local missional group called Pilgrims Together. Gail has a passion to reach out to communities with creative initiatives, with the aim of finding new ways to touch hearts.

Nic Harris

Nic lives with her husband, Tim, in Rochdale. She’s an Evangelist at our Centre of Mission, where her work focuses on children and families on the Cray, Belfield and Firgrove estates. Nic is passionate about seeing the transformative love of God at work in the lives of people in her local community and helping people to grow and develop personally and in their faith.

“On the weekend of 15–17 September, we hosted our first training weekend of the academic year at WCC. We welcomed seven final-year EiTs, nine second years and eight first years. Our weekends are made up of six teaching sessions, times of gathered worship and prayer, times of fellowship over meals and lots of laughter! We also have a workshop on the Saturday afternoon, and this weekend we were delighted to welcome Andy Milne CA from Missional Youth Church Network. He helped all the EiTs consider how they can raise up other evangelists and leaders from within their mission/ministry contexts. Our worship theme for the weekend was ‘come as you are’, and this provided a wonderful, welcoming space for new and returning students. It was lovely to be with the whole training community as we got to know the new EiTs and formed new friendships. We are looking forward to the next weekend already!”

Beth Burras, Formation Lead and Tutor