Church Army at Christmas

Sharing the love and joy of the Christmas Season

Over Christmas Church Army has been reaching out with the hope of Jesus into communities, bringing the light of God’s love into winter.

Many of our Centres of Mission have put in countless hours to distribute food, host Christmas meals, and provide free, fun, and unforgettable events for families and children, providing hope and giving the gift of joy!

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Taking the Pressure out of ChrisTmas

“We provided everything needed for a Christmas dinner to families and people referred to us around the Caia estate. It’s just one less thing to think about. A lot of the people we were delivering to are single parents, trying to provide everything to make Christmas perfect, and they’re really struggling. This one delivery of turkey and Christmas pudding takes the pressure off, and shows that we will go beyond, as God does, to bless them.” Josh Smith, Lead Evangelist, Wrexham

Our project in Wrexham works in one of the poorest wards in Wales. The Centre of Mission provided Christmas hampers to 97 parents and children to help make Christmas special.

Who would you be in the Nativity Scene?

“We headed out to the annual Christmas market on our estate with our hand-built stable and invited people to have Selfies in the Stable! Adults and children were able to spin a wheel to decide which character from the nativity story to dress up as, and then pose next to the manger. We had some great conversations and were able to share details about all our Christmas events as well as our all-age nativity service!  

All the adults and children get involved with dressing up and acting out the story (with lots of improvisation!).  

It was a great opportunity to share and reflect upon the true Christmas story with a community very much new to faith, in the midst of the busyness of the Christmas season.” Rachel Marlow, Pioneer Evangelist, St Helier, London

An Invitation from the White Witch

“Over the three days we ran the event, over 160 children and adults came to our immersive showing of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, including classes from the local school. Putting it together brought people from all over the community, volunteering to collect cardboard boxes for us, or paint different scenes. Even those we hadn’t seen for a while connected with us to offer things we needed.  

One dad, who we’ve gotten to know through supporting his family with food parcels, volunteered to become our Santa to greet children at the end of the event, whilst his kids joined in our Narnia cast. After being relocated here through escaping domestic abuse, he said it was incredible to see how engaged and happy his children were, as they haven’t been that free and felt that safe for such a long time.  

We always try to over-bless our community through these events, whilst share the love of Jesus. We led up to our Narnia trail with invitations on TikTok, and assemblies at school, explaining the link between Aslan and Jesus, and that He is their rescuer and that He loves them.” Esther Lockley & Michelle Lloyd, Lead & Pioneer Evangelists, Impact 242, Cross Hands, Wales 

The gold in the in-between spaces

“What really stood out at Friday Family Fun, was during a big snowball fight with soft, polystyrene snowballs, I asked a lady whether she wanted to play, but I threw a snowball at her whilst asking the question, not realising she had a drink in her hand! It went flying because she jumped, but everyone creased because it was so funny!  
A fortnight later she messaged to say she was still laughing about the whole snowball thing, and then after the holidays I sent her a message to ask if she got a cup with a lid for Christmas – which led to an invitation to our women’s group, GAB, and I was floored because she responded saying it was so timely as she’d been searching for God! 

Friday family fun pulls families together, who are not quite ready for church, but want to belong somewhere. It’s these moments of gold in the in-between spaces, the ‘something’ that happens in just being there.” Amy Hayes, Pioneer Evangelist, Selby, Yorkshire

Church Army exists to go beyond churCh walls to practically share the love and hope of God.

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