Your Support Changes Lives

November 2023

The work of Church Army stretches right across the UK and Ireland, reaching people who otherwise may be overlooked, rejected or ignored. It is our mission to touch people in both practical and spiritual ways, showing each person we encounter how much they are loved by God and empowering them to make positive change. The work we do is critical to the lives of so many vulnerable people, who, without our help, would be lost. But perhaps the most important part of Church Army is actually YOU!

Without your constant and generous support, we would not be able to help so many people and bring lasting and meaningful change to their lives. Without you, we would not be able to demonstrate God’s love to people who feel discarded, isolated, desperate and uncared for. It is your wonderful, continued kindness that enables Church Army to take the Good News of Jesus by both word and deed into local communities and into the hearts of the most vulnerable.

Meet Bill

Bill Wade is a wonderful Church Army supporter who has been supporting our work for many years. Bill was first introduced to Church Army when a Commissioned Evangelist attended his church to talk about the work we do. He felt inspired and was keen to show his support both personally and through his church, St. Lukes, in Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

We were thrilled to have Bill as our guest at the Wilson Carlile Centre recently. We gave him an exclusive tour, showing him our beautiful chapel, amazing library, and even taking a peek behind the scenes in our office, seeing some of the various departments that make up Church Army.

Over lunch at Wilson’s Café, we had the opportunity to get to know Bill a little better and discuss the incredible work being done by Church Army. Throughout the day, Bill had the chance to speak with different team members, ranging from our conferencing staff to our CEO. Each one plays a crucial role in carrying on the legacy of Wilson Carlile, who founded Church Army back in 1882.

As a father of three daughters, Bill has a passion for the Marylebone Project and the amazing work that goes on there to help vulnerable women who may be escaping domestic violence or other traumatic circumstances. Although Bill was saddened to hear about the stark number of people needing our help, he was encouraged that his support is directly helping us reach as many people as possible.

“As a father, and throughout my working life, I have been fortunate to meet and work alongside lots of amazing women, and it is heart-breaking to hear of the struggles some women go through. It’s great to know that my support is helping women who are facing such hardship.”

By supporting us, Bill is directly making a difference and helping to change lives. We are incredibly grateful to him and to each person who supports us, whether that’s by volunteering, supporting us financially or telling others about our work — thank you!