CA Research Team

Meet the team

December 2023

Hello, we are some of Church Army’s Research Unit. We have been researching pioneer evangelism, mission on the margins and fresh expressions of Church for Church Army and the wider Church for over 25 years. But, as we have had various new starters recently, we are also quite a new team.

To find out more about our research and recent reports, like Growing Leaders on Urban Estates, visit

Andy Wier – Research Team Leader

Andy oversees the day-to-day work of the Research Unit. He also coordinates the team’s internal research for Church Army, including research on the impact of Centres of Mission and other key projects.

John Tomlinson – Senior Researcher

John coordinates the team’s external research, which looks at mission and evangelism in the wider Church. He is currently working on various projects, including an evaluation of mission areas and resourcing churches for the Diocese of Bristol, plus research on growing leaders in urban estates.

Edd Graham-Hyde – Senior Researcher (Effective Evangelism)

Edd joined the team in early 2023 and is coordinating a new stream of research on ‘effective evangelism’. Over the coming years, he will be producing a series of reports on this for Church Army and the wider Church.

Dan Ortiz – Researcher

Dan is a qualitative (stories-based) researcher. He works across a range of projects, conducting interviews and focus groups and helping write up the findings.

Elspeth McGann – Researcher

Elspeth has a Maths degree and provides statistical support for various projects. She also coordinates our Recording the Journey project, which gathers stories and statistics from Church Army Centres of Mission.

Dave Lovell – Researcher

Dave works on both quantitative (numbers) and qualitative (stories) research. He analyses data and produces eye-catching infographics as well as conducting interviews and writing up reports.

Andrew Wooding – Research Administrator

Andrew provides administrative support for all the work of the Research Unit. He is also a commissioned Church Army Evangelist.