October 2023 Update

This academic year, we welcome a new cohort of Envoy participants, who will begin their journey into a life of evangelism. Envoy is a 24-week coaching program for any Christian aged 18 or over who wants to make evangelism their way of life. It provides step-by-step evangelism training that focuses on developing skills in people in a coaching community, giving budding evangelists the encouragement and confidence to flourish. It is so successful that it has been adopted into the theological degree curriculum of Theologisches Seminar Rheinland, Germany. As the new semester begins, Emma Taylor, Envoy Evangelism Coach, tells us about all things Envoy.

Meet Emma

Being involved with Envoy is incredible, and the impact it has had on me is unreal. I am always amazed to see the change in our participants as the course unfolds. Being witness to their enthusiasm as they learn to use the tools we give them in their own unique way ignites my passion for faith and evangelism.

The most exciting part of my role in Envoy is coaching the groups. Participants are placed into a small group with a lead coach, who guides everyone through the Envoy year. The groups become communities full of fellowship, support, encouragement and friendship. It is a forum for the participants to discuss their thoughts, feelings, successes and things that perhaps didn’t go so well. Each week, participants are given a podcast to listen to in their own time. They are encouraged to reflect on it and ask God how He wants them to use the teachings in their own contexts. We encourage them to bring their reflections to the groups for discussion, and they really challenge, support and listen to each other as well as receive advice from us as coaches. Evangelism is personal, so we are trying to help people develop their own unique approach rather than prescribing something to them. It’s our aim to encourage habits and make evangelism natural to each person in whatever way is right for them.

I see so much transformation in people through Envoy. One lady was incredibly shy when she first joined the group; she wanted to share her faith but didn’t know where to start. She was so nervous and didn’t talk much in the beginning. Toward the end of the course, she shared with us that she had prayed with someone in a café. That may not sound like much, but the change for her was monumental. It was really inspiring.

Baaba started the Envoy course in October 2022:

“Before Envoy, I would often think about evangelism, but I didn’t know how or where to start. Through the Envoy course, I am now able to think of simple ways to evangelise in my daily activities… I am more confident to start conversations about the gospel of Christ…and to ask to pray for others. My Envoy group gave me a sense of belonging.”