Why I support Church Army

By Pat Openshaw, supporter for the past 16 years

I grew up in a small Derbyshire village and attended Sunday school in the local parish church. Home life was not good, and I needed help. When I moved to London in my teens I came across Church Army. I received support from the counselling centre (now known as The Marylebone Project) and subsequently worked as a secretary in Church Army’s headquarters.

Being part of the Church Army family brought me nearer to God.

I realise that many youngsters don’t grow up in happy homes and lack caring adults to support them – an upbringing others may take for granted.

That’s one of the reasons I think projects like the Amber Project are so worthwhile and important. I believe you can make a lot of change happen if these young people can receive love and support at the right time.

So, thank you to all the staff and volunteers at Church Army who come alongside people in fairly desperate circumstances, and lovingly serve those in many practical ways to change lives for the better.

Did you know?

Nearly half of Church Army’s work is dedicated to supporting young people. Whether through counselling services provided by The Amber Project, or through youth ministry, we interact with more than 20,000 children and young people every year.

Portrait photo of Pat Openshaw