Our Evangelists

Meet Paul Warren

For over 140 years, Church Army Evangelists have spread the word of God to those who live on the fringes of society, embodying His love in both their words and actions. We carry on this legacy as a mission community of dedicated individuals throughout the UK and Ireland, labouring to show that every life matters to God. Our Commissioned Evangelists come from all walks of life and various traditions within the Anglican church, bonded by a fervour for evangelism and a vision of communities transformed by the love of Jesus.

Discovering your calling to serve God can be a lifelong journey. Some individuals feel called to become evangelists from an early age, while others may feel they have a heart for evangelism but feel they don’t have the confidence or right levels of knowledge. That’s where Church Army comes in. We provide training for those who have a clear calling to evangelism as well as individuals who feel drawn to evangelistic work but aren’t quite sure how to define it. We know that evangelism can take many different forms, from preaching the gospel to demonstrating God’s love through kindness and action. Our mission is to help everyone develop and strengthen their unique gifts for serving God and spreading His message of love.

Paul Warren knew he was meant for evangelism, but being a practical, hands-on person, he didn’t want to work solely within church walls, and he knew ordination wasn’t the right path for him. Paul wanted to fulfil his purpose, bringing light and hope to the world, and that’s when he discovered Church Army and its mission to reach the lost. He became a Church Army Commissioned Evangelist, and now, 24 years later, he is still taking Jesus to the people who need Him most.

Meet Paul Warren

I was a builder with a young family and a mortgage when I got the call to full-time ministry, and I thought there was no chance I could do that. But when God wants something, you can’t turn your back on it. For me, I knew I didn’t want to be ordained. But I wanted to share the Good News of the gospel with ordinary people.

I am not an academic person, but I am a practical, pragmatic person, which meant the training suited me well, as I could put into practice what I learnt from lectures. I thought the training was second to none, and I still look back on it and draw on it even now.

I’m now in parish ministry in Bermondsey, south-east London. The vicar who approached me for the role wanted a CA officer because he really valued the work of Church Army. Whether the traditional parish ministry or its work on the fringes, it was CA’s deep commitment and focus on evangelism that he most admired.

My 24 years as a Commissioned Evangelist have been a very positive time. Obviously, there have been challenges, but I’ve not been overwhelmed. It’s been a fulfilling experience seeing people’s lives changed and transformed and supporting people to a living faith and growth in discipleship.

 I feel there would be a gap left that couldn’t be filled by any other organisation if Church Army wasn’t here. It is the speciality for the lost that is at the heart of Church Army. Because the lost wouldn’t hear the message. They’re out there, but they’re a long way from church, and they need us to step in and fulfil that commitment of Jesus to reach out to them.

Prayer InFocus

  • Pray for the residential home project and its residents and care staff.
  • Pray for God’s favour and for open doors to other residential homes so that staff and residents can encounter God’s love.
  • Pray for good health and strength as he Evangelists-in-Training come towards the end of their training.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will help the Evangelists-in-Training implement their training.