National Food Bank Day

1 September 2023

Food banks are more than just a pantry for the less fortunate. They serve a vital role in combating hunger and supporting communities in need. With their mission to provide meals to those at risk of hunger, Food Banks work tirelessly to distribute food donations to individuals and families who are struggling to put food on the table. Some food banks also offer other services, like education on healthy eating and cooking, along with connecting people in need to other resources. On National Food Bank Day, we celebrate the efforts of these organisations – from volunteers stocking shelves to collection drives held in cooperation with local businesses so that no one misses out on proper nutrition or care.

For our Evangelists and Centre of Mission being involved with food banks is a way to be part of what is already going on, to serve the local community practically and to connect with the people who visit looking for help.

These are just some of the locations where Church Army has joined with local food banks.


The Scunthorpe Centre of Mission operates a food bank facility called ‘Dezzy’s Pantry’. Dezzy was a wonderful volunteer who sadly passed away. The pantry is named in his honour. People who use the facility pay a minimum of £5 per month. This awards them 15 points that they can use to select various food items.


Cross Hands Centre of Mission has a wonderful social supermarket every Tuesday and Wednesday. Visitors pay £3 to choose from a selection of food, both fresh and frozen. A local farmer donated the shelving, giving it a real supermarket feel.

*Cross Hands is one of three Centres of Mission in Impact 242, a partnership between Church Army and the Church in Wales Diocese of St.David’s.


There is a high demand for food around Central Fife as more and more people struggle. The Centre of Mission there operates The Pantry, where people can choose the foods they would like. There is no minimum set fee, but a donation is suggested if people can afford it. There is currently a four-month waiting list for this service.


CA Evangelist Scott MacDonald at the Newry Centre of mission, ministers two parishes that have joined forces with another four churches in the area to open a food bank initiative for the local community. The initiative has grown significantly from 18 volunteers at its inception to now over 30.

Prayer InFocus

  • Pray that food banks across the nations will receive enough supplies to meet the demands of their local communities.
  • Pray that the volunteers working in food banks will feel valued and appreciated.
  • Pray that more people who can, will feel inspired to donate to food banks.
  • Pray for people who rely on food banks to be supported and to feel God’s love and to know how important they are.