The Marylebone Project

Interview Workshop + Meet 2 Volunteers

At The Marylebone Project and The Sanctuary in London we provide a haven for homeless women in need, some are victims of trafficking. They offer more than just accommodation – they empower these women providing unwavering support to help turn their lives around. This year alone, 207 women have moved on to their own accommodation thanks to these amazing initiatives. With The Sanctuary being available 24/7, 365 days a year, women can seek refuge, receive assistance and make use of the facilities whenever they need it. We will keep you informed through inFocus so that you can see the incredible impact your support is having on these vulnerable women.  Together, we can make a positive difference.

Interview Workshop

We were thrilled to host Daragh, Talent Acquisition Manager, and Gabrielle, Communications Manager, for Hyatt UK, at the Marylebone Project as part of our ongoing relationship with Hyatt Regency Hotels. Together, they led an interview workshop that equipped our women with essential skills and techniques to succeed in interviews with future potential employers. The workshop was a big success, with many participants attending. But this wasn’t just about interview skills – it gave the women a much-needed boost of encouragement and confidence. This kind of support is invaluable as we work towards helping them achieve independent living.

Meet some of our Volunteers

Did you know that the Marylebone Project has a team of passionate volunteers from all around the globe? Alongside our experienced staff, these volunteers from Time for God (TFG) commit their time and efforts to support our mission. The experience is life-changing – not just for those we serve, but for our volunteers as well. They work with us for up to a year, gaining valuable skills and making a difference in the lives of vulnerable women, and many volunteers find this experience to be life-changing, too. We’re so grateful to have such a dedicated and diverse community working with us.

Meet Romane🇫🇷

“I am 25 and have been to London before for a few days travelling. It’s a nice country – British people are very kind, but the weather is a little bit complicated. It is very different from the south of France, where I am from. Before I got here, I looked at the Marylebone Project online, and it was a good fit with what I am interested in. I work on reception, but I also often help with Munch and the one-to-one cooking classes there. I spend a lot of time helping the chef, and that is really interesting and gives the ladies new skills. When I was in France, I was interested in homelessness, but now I am passionate about helping because I have learnt so much from being here at Marylebone. When I go home, I want to work somewhere like the Marylebone Project. Marseilles in France is a big city with lots of homelessness. I want to work with people who have complex needs, and the skills and knowledge I have learnt here at the Marylebone Project will be really valuable.”

Meet Tina🇩🇪

“I am 19 and from Germany, and this is my first time in London. To come here and then just live here was weird, especially being away from my family, but it’s great. I am working on reception in resettlement, but I also run a Zumba class for the ladies. Every time we have a big event, like the coronation barbecue, it’s exciting because we take part in organising it. I enjoy spending time with the ladies. Some of them open up about their cultures and lives, and it becomes like a friendship. Where I live, there isn’t much homelessness, so I had no knowledge of it, but now I understand people have different life situations. It has had an impact on me, as before, I didn’t know how many bad things can happen to someone, and that it can happen to any of us. You can end up on the streets, and you don’t have anywhere to go. I eventually want to work in tourism in hotel management. I want to do an initiative to help people into work and become independent. I would like to organise a partnership like the one Marylebone has with Hyatt Regency Hotels. I really want to help people.”

Prayer InFocus

  • Pray that women participating in activities and workshops will feel increased confidence and sense of empowerment.
  • Pray that volunteers will feel well supported and use their experience to benefit others.
  • Pray that collaborative relationships will increase and that existing ones will continue to flourish.
  • Pray for wisdom and strength for the staff to continue their wonderful work.
  • Pray that each woman involved in the project will feel the love of God.