Defying Headlines

with Church Army’s Mission Youth Church Network

Missional Youth Church Network (MYCN) is doing groundbreaking work revolutionising youth-ministry across the UK. Despite reports of declining religion among young people, MYCN, in partnership with Church Army and other agencies, are inspiring a new generation to embrace Christianity and the church.

With 1 in 3 churches reporting no people under the age of 16 in their congregations, and England & Wales being minority Christian countries for the first time since census data collection began, the headlines look bleak.

But, in less than 5 years, MYCN is defying statistics, having supported the growth of an incredible 25 missional youth churches, proving that young people, with no experience of church, are interested in exploring and engaging with faith. The 2021 Census may show that 40% of those under 20 years of age identify as having no religion (Office for National Statistics, 2021), but MYCN is turning these figures around with rapid expansion and the considerable potential for further growth.

We have seen this in our own Centres of Mission in Leeds, Greenwich and Wrexham, who are all inviting unchurched young people to join them in exploring faith, and attendance is increasing!

But How?

MYCN invites youth leaders into a learning community, sharing strategies to ignite a vibrant connection between young people and Jesus. Their innovative approach redefines church and empowers youth leaders to effectively engage and inspire the next generation.

“Through attending the MYCN learning community, it’s been reassuring to hear stories of people facing similar challenges as us in Wrexham. The learning community teachings on ‘building a team, listening to the culture of young people, building community and adapting our approach to discipleship to context‘ have really helped us.

We made it so that the youth could take ownership of their night and it immediately changed the dynamic of the group…The worship workshop really helped me to think about seating, lighting and turning up the volume to help young people worship unembarrassed… Help on the end of the phone is helpful too.

Getting to grips with [the fresh expressions] learning journey helps us to know the steps, identify where we are on the journey and the next steps needed.” Josh Smith – Church Army’s Wrexham Centre of Mission

Through supporting Church Army, you are helping MYCN create a brighter future by reaching the next generation; changing the misconception that our youth aren’t interested in Jesus, and discipling young evangelists.